Submitting new entries and corrections

Here are some guidelines for submission. Please note that these instructions will change in the future; we have an improved approach in the works.

Adding new domains

Please send new domains in an email to . The domains should be in all lowercase, free from host portions (www. , mx02. , spleen.arctic.mountbatten. , etc.), and have no port numbers at the end (:2700, :8080, etc.), have no directory or file names (/unsubscribe.ddd , /images/a2.jpg, etc.). Please send them in sorted order, and with no duplicates. Please check your list against ; try not to submit domains that are already in the list.

Before sending in domains, please check them. This is critical; submissions from automated scripts without human eyes in the process yield far too many false positives to be useful. Actually go to the web site; is there any content at all, or is it just a blank page? Is there any chance this is an ISP, and the spammer just signed up for cohosting space? Worse yet, did they just sign up for an individual user account? Take a look at the whois record; domains that have been around since 1998 are far less likely to be spammer domains than domains that were first registered in the last two months. In short, if there's any chance this domain is an ISP or an account on someone else's domain, please don't submit it. A list of 20 domains you're absolutely positive about is much more useful than 1000 domains you're 98% sure about.

Here's a sample submission message body:

Please include the word "blacklist" somewhere in the subject, so it skips by my spam filter, such as:

Subject: [blacklist] 20040423 entries from Bob Smith

If you want to include comments, that's fine, but please place them on separate lines, preferably before the domains start.

Please save at least 1 or 2 of the emails that prompted the domain submission; we may get a false positive report in the future, and whether the report is correct or not, it's helpful to be able to refer to the original email for additional background.

Removing domains

From time to time we'll make a mistake and add a legitimate domain in the list. Please accept our sincere apologies in advance; we know it's frustrating to get your mail blocked.

To get removed, send an email to , again, with the word "blacklist" somewhere in the subject (if you forget this, the message may land in Bill's spam folder, delaying your request by hours or days). Say which domain you're writing about. You're not required to justify the removal request, but if you send along some supporting evidence of why you should be removed, it'll make the process a little faster.

Your request will be looked into as quickly as possible; we want to resolve the mistake as much as you do; false positives hurt us all.